Description of task to be done: Lifting litter using pan and brush and litter picker. Areas- Retail car parks, residential blocks car parks, forecourts, alleys, walking routes and pavements.

Equipment & materials to use including Personal protective equipment:

Cleaning of car parks and communal areas to be undertaking only from cleaning operatives with proper training beforehand. Work to be carried out as agreed during daylight only. All staff undertaking this task must have valid and have underwent fire training. Permit to work is to be arranged from E-State managers or supervisors. Before carrying task cleaners must inform duty manager/supervisor. They have to be accompanied by cleaning supervisor at all times. If none available do not try to attempt doing it and inform promptly duty manager.

  • Collect cleaning equipment from cleaning storage.
  • Put the safety rigger gloves for personal protection.
  • Pick up large objects/items with the litter picker and place it inside the clear refuse sack.
  • Use the dust pan and long handled brush to sweep smaller items or litter into the pan. Be aware at all times from sharp objects.
  • Always work facing edge protection, barriers or fence. Do not lean over edge protection.
  • Lift litter when pan is full with long handled pan using manual handling training when bending to lift rubbish and place in waste sack.
  • If body spillages or sharp objects observe remove in accordance with body spillages and sick removal procedure.
  • On completion of task clean all equipment, remove any warning signs/barriers. Return all cleaning items to the store room and store them nicely and correctly, this is the way to ensure professional housekeeping.

Environmental benefits and procedures:

Cleaners must report any environmental incidents to duty manager. To save some electricity they can ensure all lights and cleaning machinery are switched off when not in use or required. Rubbish must be segregated whether possible, so they can ensure maximising recycling capabilities. Only approved chemicals to be used and those to be disposed into designated drains only.

Environmental benefits and procedures

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